Meet wheezo : A state of the art digital toolkit assisting with asthma management

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wheezo, your personal asthma management assistant

When your doctor listens to your chest with their stethoscope, they are listening out for abnormal breathing sounds such as wheeze. With their stethoscope, they can hear wheeze that you can't. We refer to this inaudible wheeze as "silent wheeze".

The great news is that wheezo can hear and record this wheeze too.

wheezo can be with you 24/7 to catch and make a recording of wheeze as it happens. The wheezo premium app subscription also lets you store other symptoms, potential triggers , peak flow measurements and medication use so that you are armed with more information about your asthma, next time you visit your doctor.

wheezo is also available at leading pharmacies

How to use


Wheeze monitor

Analyses breathing for presence of wheeze

Live air quality*

Provides local pollen and air pollution levels

Symptom tracker*

Records self-reported symptoms, and tracks medication use and triggers

Asthma Action plan*

Digitises the Asthma Action Plan and allows users to share their data with health professionals

*Requires wheezo premium app subscription

Michael Clarke - Former Australian Cricket Captain

Michael’s daughter Kelsey-Lee was diagnosed with asthma when she was 2 years old. He plays an important role in telling Australians about wheezo and how it has helped him and his family.

People with asthma should consult their healthcare professional about their medical condition, their medications and the information collected within the wheezo as a part of their overall asthma management. Regardless of the wheeze rate, if the user has signs and symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, they should always follow their healthcare professional’s advice and their asthma action plan.
wheezo is a home monitoring device and is not intended for diagnostic use. When wheezo is used to monitor wheezing in lung conditions such as asthma, the user should be under the care of a licensed healthcare professional.