26.10.2020 - 6 min read

Purpose and success of the PEP

In early August, Respiri launched its wheezo Patient Experiential Program (PEP). This program, in partnership with iQVIA, (a specialist data science company), has been designed to provide critical feedback on the impact of wheezo on the management of asthma.

The wheezo PEP is for current asthma patients, targeting children and adolescents and their doctors, and will enable users to be the first people in Australia to use the wheezo asthma management platform to help assist with asthma management outside the clinic

Enrolled patients receive a wheezo device at no cost, along with four months free access to the eHealth app. After the four-month period PEP users will be able to keep the wheezo device and choose to move into a paid subscription for continued use of the eHealth app.

The PEP will run for six months, allowing enrolled patients full use and access to the wheezo device and platform, allowing them to monitor and log their wheeze, symptoms, triggers, medication usage, and the opportunity to digitise their asthma management plans. All data collected is stored securely on a cloud-based storage, and patients will have the option to share this data with their chosen health care professionals to further help tailor their asthma management. Enrolled patients are required to complete monthly questionnaires, to provide essential feedback to Respiri to enhance the wheezo app further.

The PEP currently has over 300 total accounts created, and the feedback gained thus far has been pivotal in enhancing the overall wheezo experience for patients. Due to the outstanding interest received, the wheezo PEP has been extended to 25th October. Places in the program cannot be guaranteed and work on a ‘first come first served’ basis. If you, or anybody you know would be interested, click here to find out more.