25.03.2021 - 6 min read

First look: How to share your profile with your healthcare professional

You are now able to share your wheezo data with your healthcare professional, which may assist them in determining whether or not your asthma is controlled which could help them make treatment decisions.

Your healthcare professional may have a couple of questions about how wheezo is used as they are used to listening for wheeze on your lungs or back via a stethoscope, this is to make sure that the wheeze they are listening out for is “expiratory” wheeze, which is a symptom of asthma.

When placed on the trachea (your windwipe) wheezo uses sensitive microphones that are able to capture the sounds made from your trachea but also your lungs.

If they have any clinical questions, they can send an email to nurse@wheezo.com and a Connected Care nurse will contact them.

Step-by-step on sharing your data

  1. Go to the “Share Your Profile” tab on your wheezo app
  2. Generate a Temporary or Permanent Code
  3. Ask your healthcare professional login to the wheezo portal on wheezo.com OR visit wheezo.com/hcp to enter the code


What’s the difference between a temporary and permanent code?

Temporary codes are more secure while Permanent codes are more convenient. This is because temporary codes expire after 24 hours, to reduce the risk of the code being shared to give thieves access to your personal information. Note that a new temporary code will have to be generated each time.

Permanent codes are valid indefinitely, and are great when sharing with a trusted individual.

Is my data secure?

Your data is encrypted, deidentified and stored on our secure cloud-based server. This information is not shared or sold to a third party.

Can I share my data from the online portal?

Yes! In the dropdown menu on the top right, you should be able to see an option called “Share Your Profile”. You can then select which profile you wish to share, and the type of code you’d like to create (temporary or permanent).

What if I accidentally sent the code to the wrong person?

Not a problem. Go to the “Share Your Profile” tab on your phone or online portal, and click the revoke button on the codes you want to deactivate.