25.03.2021 - 6 min read

First look: Online Portal

The wheezo ecosystem has expanded to include an online portal. As you use the wheezo app and device, you build data that feeds into the online portal. By compiling critical information about your asthma symptoms, triggers, and medication use, we hope to give you a better understanding of your asthma and how it changes week to week. This can be shared with a healthcare professional to track your asthma symptoms and self-management. An asthma action plan can also be added to the portal and shared. This means that if you take care of young children or elderly parents with asthma, you can share their asthma action plan with babysitters, teachers, care team or nursing home staff, so they are prepared if your loved one has an asthma flare-up. Key portal components:
  1. Wheeze rate & medication usage
  2. Recordings and medication, common symptoms and triggers
  3. Events
  4. Asthma Action Plan
  5. Securely sharing data
It comes at no surprise that the section on wheeze rate and medication usage shows at a glance the frequency of asthma preventer and reliever use and changes in wheeze rate. The timeline makes it clearer to see how wheeze rates change depending on your medication usage. You can flick between and compare your management last week vs. this week or change from a weekly summary to a custom or pre-set date range. If you are a guardian or carer, you can use this to remotely monitor someone else’s asthma. This could be your teenager who is learning to take care of their own asthma, or your elderly parents who need help remembering to take their medication. This can also be used during consultations with a healthcare professional, to see an overview of your self-management using real, accurate data. This may assist your healthcare professional when discussing best-practices to manage your asthma and how to adjust your asthma action plan accordingly.
Recordings and medication, common symptoms and triggers This section gives provides a quick overview of your asthma for the week. The “recordings and medication section” counts the number of times a preventer or reliver was used. It also count the number of wheezo recordings taken. The most common symptoms section shows the top 3 symptoms experienced at either the self-assessment of time of wheezo recording. Similarly, common triggers shows the top 3 triggers. These can be discussed with a healthcare professional, as potential things to watch out for, how to medicate, and what to avoid. You can see how these change week to week, by changing the date range at the top of the page.
Events The events section has a log of all asthma activity recorded by the app. It includes a timestamp of when medication has been used, as well as the type of medicine used. The log also compiles information about each wheezo recording. The app passively tracks potential triggers such as levels of various air irritants, pollen count and weather. These are shown in more detail as the section is expanded, showing a concentration score of each trigger and pollen.
Further detail for each recording can be accessed by clicking the arrow pointing right. This shows the symptoms, triggers and additional details captured for each recording. The wheezo recording can also be played back. Users may wish to consult a healthcare professional to compare details on a few recordings with high and low wheeze rates and see if there are patterns in symptoms and triggers that are associated with high or low rates of wheezing. It could also be used to show a healthcare professional, what your wheeze sounds like, when the app records a high vs low wheeze rate.
Asthma Action Plan If you have been diagnosed with Asthma and you’re not familiar with an Asthma Action Plan, we would highly recommend that you book an appointment to see your healthcare professional and write one with them.
An Asthma Action plan tells you how to best manage your asthma depending on how severe your symptoms are. Having this digitised means that this plan no longer has to be stored on bits of paper, folded and scrunched at the bottom of a school bag with fingers crossed that it reached the teacher. This plan can be shared with the other portal information, or exported as a PDF so that it can be emailed. Information collected by wheezo, can be used to help you and your health care professional, adapt your Asthma Action Plan.