Turn wheeze into actionable data

Learn about your asthma and work with your healthcare professional to assist with asthma management.

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Digital wheeze monitor and eHealth app

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Measuring wheeze and tracking asthma data is now in your hands

wheezo® records and analyses breath sounds for the presence of wheeze, the sound your doctor listens for with a stethoscope. These wheeze recordings are captured in the eHealth app along with location specific weather information including temperature, humidity, pollen count and air pollution.

Over time, wheezo builds a clearer picture of your asthma by collating data^ that can be shared with health professionals. Information is instantly accessible and shareable via the app.

Asthma data refers to self-reported symptoms, triggers, peak flow measurements and medication use.
With wheezo you can:
  • Record wheeze and log your symptoms^ and triggers^
  • Monitor air quality & pollen counts down to your postcode in real time
  • Digitise your asthma action plan
  • Document your medication^ and set reminders
  • Review your history and share it with your Healthcare Providers
  • Access the online portal to view your data & trends over time

^self reported

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People with asthma should consult their healthcare professional about their medical condition, their medications and the information collected within the wheezo as a part of their overall asthma management. Regardless of the wheeze rate, if the user has signs and symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, they should always follow their healthcare professional’s advice and their asthma action plan. wheezo® is a home monitoring device and is not intended for diagnostic use. When wheezo® is used to monitor wheezing in lung conditions such as asthma, the user should be under the care of a licensed healthcare professional.
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By redeeming the offer, you will also receive one month of free subscription to the wheezo premium eHealth app that records self-reported asthma symptoms and provides updates on air irritant and pollen levels in your local area. The app also stores an Asthma Action Plan and other self-reported triggers, medication use and peak flow measurements.