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wheezo records breath sounds at your windpipe to detect loud and silent wheeze. These are sounds your doctor listens for with a stethoscope.

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You can take your wheeze rate using the wheezo device and app without a subscription, but subscribing to wheezo premium will give you the best value. You can subscribe to wheezo premium after you purchase your device. When you register your wheezo device and complete your profile, you will be prompted to choose the subscription that’s right for you. All new devices purchased come with one FREE month of wheezo premium. To find out what’s included in the wheezo premium app subscription, click here.


  • State of the art, digital wheeze monitor
  • Records breath sounds from both upper and lower airways which includes your lungs
  • 2 sophisticated MEMS microphones with ambient noise cancellation
  • Durable & portable


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If you choose to purchase the wheezo device only without a paid subscription, you will be able to download the app, set up one profile & store only one wheeze recording. You also have the option to unlock a free month to trial the full app before purchasing a wheezo premium subscription.

Choose subscription

wheezo needs the app to operate but does not require a subscription. Subscribing will give you the most value from wheezo. Each new wheezo purchase receives one month free so you can trial it before needing to pay.


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wheezo is also available at leading pharmacies

Simplifying symptom monitoring
and assisting asthma management

Records and stores wheeze measurements
Records self-reported peak flow measurements, symptoms, triggers and medication use*
Location specific environmental triggers such as air quality and pollen counts*
Allows for easy access to your asthma action plan*
Track your information over time and share it with your doctor or pharmacist*
*Requires wheezo premium app subscription

People with asthma should consult their healthcare professional about their medical condition, their medications and the information collected within the wheezo eHealth app as part of their overall asthma management. Regardless of the wheeze rate, if the user has signs and symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, they should always follow their healthcare professional's advice and their asthma action plan.

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